Wednesday morning…

Most people look forward to the weekend.  Some enjoy Friday night, some enjoy Sunday mornings.  Ask me my favorite day of the week and I’ll tell you Wednesday morning.  There’s less traffic (and in NoVA that’s a huge deal) and stores are basically empty.

This morning I went to the pharmacy which is such a time suck most days.  I touched the screen to get my number.  As my number was printing out it was called over the PA system.  Never before have I been in and out of the pharmacy in less than 5 minutes.  Wednesday morning pharmacy miracle.

My friend took her husband and kids to IKEA one Saturday and was surprised that they hated it.  “Why would you take them there on the weekend?” I asked.  “That’s ridiculous,” I said.  “Take them Wednesday morning when there is nobody there and they can truly appreciate the joy that is to me the happiest place on earth.”  Wednesday morning IKEA miracle.

Want to see that movie that is your guilty pleasure without a theater full of people?  Wednesday morning movie miracle.

Hey, I just remembered…I was born on a Wednesday morning.  Wednesday morning BABY miracle!

Wednesday's child

Wednesday’s child

The only thing I don’t like about Wednesday is the term “Hump Day.”  Just makes me uncomfortable.  But I do like the Geico commercial.

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One Response to Wednesday morning…

  1. Mindy B says:

    I like the Geico xommercial, too. The camel reminds me of a former coworker. Hey! Maybe he did the voice-over! 🙂

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