Location, location, location…

This week my son is in South Carolina learning how to be southern.  I’ve said that my city mouse is learning the ways of the country mouse.  He’s driven a boat, a tractor and a 4-wheeler; fished and visited a taxidermy shop.  All activities that are just as foreign as those on Japanese game shows to me.  I technically live in and come from the south, but I don’t always feel like a southerner.  I say “y’all” and I enjoy corn bread and sweet tea as much as the next guy, but I think the years spent out of the country have dampened my southern-ness.  My accent is a hodgepodge of sounds that make it hard to identify where I’m from and I tend to prefer Formula One racing to NASCAR.


The boy fishing in South Carolina

All of this made me start thinking about jobs that are unique to their location.  Clearly, people who live by the water will be more likely to do jobs like fishing, boat captain, kayak instructor.  What about other places with jobs unique to them?

Tourist destinations are always interesting because if you work there it’s horse of a different color.  Twenty years ago I worked at Biltmore Estate.  I watched people on vacation taking tours of the house and winery every day.  It’s strange being at work while everyone around you is on vacation.  I have a friend who works as an accountant for Six Flags and she absolutely loves her job.  She thinks it’s amazing to be able to go to Six Flags every day.  When I was a kid I thought it would be cool to be the person who made the rides go at Busch Gardens.  I realize now that there are loftier goals, but if I lived closer I might consider working there.

I guess there are loads of jobs that are unique to location.  You can only work for theme parks if you’re near them.  Making jelly beans would require you to live near the jelly bean factory.  I wonder if there are fewer jobs that are universal.  You know, there are McDonald’s everywhere…

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