“At the end of the day, you’re another day older…”

The other day was my birthday.  As I blew out the candle on my cake I thought about how much influence on others we really have.  My birthday wish could affect so many people – hopefully for the better!  I think extroverts are particularly aware of how interrelated the world is because we thrive on that interaction.  We’ve lived so many different places I’ve often forgotten who knows whom from each station – I forget if people in Berlin know the people I knew in Kuala Lumpur.  I kind of assume that everyone I know knows everyone else I know.  But the great thing is that through me, there is a connection.  I went to Seattle a long while ago and met a brand new friend.  He went to dinner with me and a dear friend from my high school days and now they are buddies.  I love that!  It’s all part of making the world that much smaller.  My son did one of those Boosterthon fund-raisers where people pledged money for each lap run.  Super-T’s goal was to get one pledge from each state.  It took a little doing – and shaming – but we did it.  50 states, DC and a couple of different countries each pledged!  I was amazed at how our little network seemed to expand.

Despite my disappointment in Twitter – it’s not really a conversation and that’s horrible to me.  I don’t want to feel like I’m standing in the middle of a busy party talking to myself – I love that there are trends and re-tweets and news flying at warp speed.  It’s a little trippy that I can watch someone on television and then send them a message telling them what I think.  They don’t ever respond and that makes me sad and feeling a bit loser-ish, but hey, it’s still possible.

People on Facebook can post prayer requests and instantly have 75 people praying.  Or, post a meme and have it travel the world in seconds.  I remember when my daughter was born (nearly 18 years ago) I went to Walmart so I could fax her first picture to my parents living in Germany.  Today I’ve seen photos on Facebook sent from the delivery room.  Amazing!

Now, imagine what would happen if we used that power for something truly meaningful to the world.  What if instead of posting memes of the President laughing about how he ruined the country, we worked together to make the country better?  What if we started really talking about how to improve the lives of all citizens?  What if we started thinking about ways to pay for the programs we have while trimming the excess in Washington?  What if instead of blaming others we start working with them?  What if our actions could inspire those with whom we have trusted the power?  What would you want to do with that influence?

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