Ten things I do more now that I’m older…


  1. I dance in the aisles more.  When the music plays, so do I.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in the grocery store or Lowe’s, I will always dance down the aisle.
  2. I pay for better seats.  If I’m going to a concert, it’s worth it to pay the extra money to see what I came to see.  Otherwise I can stay at home and listen to the CD (told you I was getting older).
  3. I make my bed every morning.  It’s so much nicer to crawl into a made bed at night.  It seems to tie up your day into a neat little package.
  4. I wait by the stage door.  After the show, I like the thrill of the possibility of meeting performers I admire.
  5. I enjoy the opening act.  Some great music comes out of acts with a whole lot to prove, but are enjoying it just the same.
  6. I let my kids stay up late.  When there are special events I try to let my kids be a part of it.  If that means staying up till 2 AM to see the lunar eclipse, then so be it.
  7. I tell people I love them…and mean it.  If you mean something to me, you should know it.
  8. I let people in when in traffic.  It doesn’t cost me anything to be nice, and I hope it makes your day to have someone let you in with no trouble.
  9. I say “thank you.”  I truly appreciate all that is given to me, including the simple kindness of someone holding a door or filling my order at Starbucks.
  10. I let myself be aware of my feelings and thoughts.  Even when life is complicated, I take time to contemplate what things mean to me and others.




Having a contemplative moment.

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