I feel pretty…

Today I hope you feel beautiful.  I hope you like your face.  I hope you are happy with the way you’ve treated others.  I hope that someone was nice to you today…and if they weren’t, I hope that they get a good dose of karma.  I hope somebody tells you that you’re sweet or nice or kind or thoughtful or beautiful.  I hope you feel smart today because you knew something that nobody else knew.  I hope you got final Jeopardy right, but if you didn’t than neither did the contestants – like it was impossibly hard and Alex Trebek didn’t act smug about everyone not knowing the answer.  I hope you laughed today – hard – so hard you cussed.  I hope you saw something today that made you question something you take for granted, but then you realized that you are so amazingly thankful for what you have.  I hope someone thanked you today, especially for something that you didn’t even think was really worthy of gratitude.  I hope that if you are grieving, you are less sad today than you were yesterday.  I hope you sang a song very loudly today – embarrassingly loudly.  I hope someone thought of you today.

If at least one of those things applies to you, I feel like my work here is done.


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One Response to I feel pretty…

  1. Oma says:

    I feel all those things today and a million other good things. I love your writing and will push you every day to do more. Love, Oma

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