Conversation from the backseat…

Finn had a Pepsi in the backseat on our way home from SuperTarget about half an hour away.

He starts the discussion with, “Guess how much sugar there is.”

Me: “Tell me.”

F: “69 sugar.”

Tully: “Let me see that.  69 grams of sugar.”

M: “That’s a lot of sugar.”

F: “Yeah, but I’m going to drink it anyway.  Look, Tully, it won’t make you fat!  It says ‘zero fat’.”

T: “You wanna hear the ingredients?  Carbonated water…(lists several ingredients)…natural flavoring.”

F: “What’s natural flavoring?”

T: “I don’t know.  Maybe if Pepsi were found naturally in the world, this is what it would taste like.  Like a river of Pepsi.”

F: “And Swedish Fish for fish.”

T: “Yeah, giant schools of Swedish fish.”

F: “And gummy sharks.  Giant Swedish Fish are gummy sharks.”

T: “Sharks aren’t just big fish.  Well, they are… big fish, just not…you know.”

F: “In Finding Nemo the sharks were really big.”

T: “Yeah, and Dory got a nosebleed.  Blood will drive sharks crazy.  Sharks don’t want to bite people, but if you are in the water with a lot of sharks and you’re bleeding, you are pretty much dead.”

F: “What if sharks had legs?  What if their tail fin was legs? Haha!  What if they had horse legs?!”

T: “Then we’d all pretty much be dead.”

F: “They’d be like a centaur – a shark-kaur.”

T: “A shark-taur.”

F: “I wish I was a centaur.”

T: “That would be cool but hard to get in the car.”

F: “I could just run along side the car.”

T: “You’d probably get tired.”

F: “I could live in the wild.”

T: “Living in the wild wouldn’t keep you from being tired.  Horses get tired.”

M: “I’d miss you if you lived in the wild.”

F: “I’d visit the neighborhood and they’d have signs that said, ‘Watch out for centaurs crossing the street.'”

T: “Centaur crossings?”

Then Finn fell asleep.

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1 Response to Conversation from the backseat…

  1. Wanda says:

    Cute conversation! Thanks for sharing 😃

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